Alan Shebaro was a Special Forces “Green Beret” with 3rd Special Forces Group CIF. primary missions included counter terrorism, direct action and hostage rescue. He held jobs as both a sniper and assaulter during multiple deployments to Iraq. Upon completion of his enlistment he returned back to Texas and continued to train other special operations forces and local law enforcement. while training at a range in Texas he was trying to find a more efficient way to shoot pistols when a competitive shooter suggested to use black out sights. Looking over the top for sight alignment, created no reference adding time to make out the alignment of the front and rear sights.

This is when the “Horizontal Line Sights” were created. By putting a straight line that’s bright and easily identifiable achieving sight alignment was drastically simplified. Building on this utilizing bright acrylic plastics made one of the hardest parts of shooting substantially easier and natural by simply creating a sight that once a straight line was created, sight alignment was achieved. The science behind it is simple. There are no straight lines in nature. The mind is naturally attracted to creating a straight line making the process almost instinctual from the start. Parasec Sights: tactical by design, simplified by natural instinct.

Parasec Sights