"In all my years as a shooter and instructor, both in the military and as a civilian, I've never seen a more sensible set of sights for a pistol. Parasec Sights are extremely fast and easy to target engagements. I use these sights on my own firearms to help my clients understand the correct sight alignment and sight picture. These sights just make sense, plain and simple!"

- Jeff Kyle, USMC, Owner/ Instructor, Texas Elite Tactical Academy

"The blend of speed and accuracy with Parasec Sights is amazing. After shooting with Parasec Sights I couldn't imagine going back to a 3-dot sight system."

- Matt Reed, Fmr Louisiana SWAT Officer, Fmr BLACKWATER WPS

"Being able to quickly acquire your sights in a stressful situation is crucial to survival. With Parasec Sights, not only do you get that faster sight picture, but you also have the accuracy, reliability, and durability that you look for when choosing your firing system."

- Tom Olvera, Point Man, Texas SWAT Officer

"I’ve never been as impressed with a pistol sight as I am with Parasec Sights. Target acquisition and transition are just plain easy. In my line of work that is what you need."

- Todd Vanlangen, CW2 US Army Special Forces, Certified NRA and CHL Instructor

"Parasec Sights are the first sights I've ever used that acknowledge how the brain and body work. The brain craves symmetry and straight lines and drives the body into fast target acquisition and reacquisition as you engage. Honestly, our brains are our best weapons. Any real Operator will tell you that. Parasec Sights let your brain get in the fight."

- Clint Bruce, Fmr Special Operations Officer, Member of Trident Response Group

"When it comes to teaching a beginner shooter how to aim, its a no brainer with Parasec Sights. They just made my job easier. Even intermediate and advance shooters are shooting tighter groups with Parasec Sights. They are an amazing gun sight."

- Frederick D. Harkins, CHL and Firearms Instructor

"Parasec sights are phenomenal. Plain and simple. For a beginner who’s learning proper sight picture and sight alignment the straight line takes all the guess work out of the equation, and for the seasoned shooters it enables you to quickly acquire your sights and put rounds on the intended target. I run these sights on all of my Glocks now and haven’t looked back. My groups are tighter and my draw to first shot time has decreased significantly. I would suggest these sights to anyone looking to become a better shooter."

- Ben K.

"Parasec sights are the most innovative yet user friendly sights I have ever used. The combination of translucent bright color and the full sight line design allowed me the quickest on target acquisition ever, to include when used while training low/no light. The fact that these are design by Alan Shebaro is no surprise. An expert in the field of not just weapons but also in tactics, as a former US Army Special Forces Sniper with multiple deployments in Iraq, are obvious in every aspect of the design. From practicality to durability to shear unique design, these are sights I would want if deployed again, no doubt!"

- Larry Sutherland

"I purchased the green 18B and could not be happier. The design of the sight allows my eyes to easily focus and create an ideal sight picture without strain. I was also impressed with the functionality in indoor, low-light, and daylight hour use. Looking forward to getting our whole family set up with Parasec Sights!"

- Sara L.

"I’ve had a set of 18A Parasec sights for a while now. I’ve run them on my Glock 19 and now on the slimmer frame Glock 48. I would call myself an intermediate level shooter. These sights have helped me from day one. I find them much easier to acquire than traditional sights. It’s a simple as leveling out the line. I’d strongly recommend them from novice to advanced shooters. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this company. "

- J. Leach

"I found the sights to be fast and intuitive to acquire, even my first time using them with a new and relatively unforgiving gun (Glock 43X) out of an unfamiliar holster and position. I feel like the design probably in some respects contributed by to mitigating the short sight radius that makes such guns challenging to shoot. I found it to suffer at longer ranges where precision was required, but these clearly aren’t designed for that. But at likely gunfighting distances, these will really shine. For reference, I was performing Bill Drills in the 4 second range with this configuration. This could probably be improved with more practice. They are also ideal for teaching a beginning shooter to understand the relationship of the sights and how they serve as a reference point to where the gun is pointed."

- Jake Goldstein “The Enlightened EDC”

"When I was introduced to Parasec Sights a year ago, suffice to say I was critical of something different than what I’m used to. But let me just say these sights are the truth in every which way. From the ability to acquire targets quickly from the pull and the ability for these sights allowing the target to get cut in half horizontal helps me tremendously. I also experienced no eye stress from looking at the front post like I would regularly on my Glock sights. I used these sights on a Glock 19 and love them. I will spread the word about these sights and hope others have the awesome experience I have had."

- Chris B.

"Hello Shooters, I have 13 years as a Law Enforcement Officer under my belt, now retired from the profession. Retired from the game doesn't mean you need not to concern yourself with good shot placement. Are you tired of pulling your shots off target? So was I! I installed Parasec sights on my Glock 17 gen3. Now my shots groups are considerably tighter. Sights are visually appealing to the shooter. In today crazy world it's always better to prepared with reliable sights on your firearm. Cause we all know bad things can happen to anyone at any time. Thats why I would recommend these sights to any person wanting to hit their target with precision more often of the time. Thank you for your time"

- Danny Crabb